What the corona virus (COVID-19) taught me

Before you fall into a depression or anxiety attack because these times now seem scary and hopeless, try to see it from another perspective.

I am not saying, it is not a catastrophe, it surely is, but we need to pay attention to the lessons it is teaching us.
First of all, it should be obvious by now that health is the #1 priority in life. It really does not matter how much money you have or how wealthy your family is. Money can NOT buy you health, sometimes even the best doctors cannot help you. With that being said, we should always take care of ourselves and invest in our health as much as possible. With invest I mean paying attention to our diet, eating healthy and a lot of nutrients & vitamins and get in enough movement every day!🍋

It’s time for us to reset. We are constantly rushing, stressing, doing. Living day by day. Surviving. We have to slow down. We never really take time for ourselves to relax. If we do nothing, it usually feels wrong. Not being productive or not doing anything. This pandemic situation gives us time to reflect on what is really important, to spend time with ourselves and also more time with our families. We can now think about our goals, values and purposes in life and maybe also reconsider our lifestyle a little bit🧘‍♀️✨

We have to protect our planet. Climate change is real and only with our actions we are able to do something about it. It’s time for nature to heal and Planet Earth finally gets an opportunity to breathe. Less planes, less cars, less CO2 emission. Clear and blue sky over China, a country polluted with smog for centuries, can you believe it? 🌍

Nature’s power is always superior to the human existence. Catastrophes happened already before in history and always will, and there is nothing really we can do about it. It might sound dramatic, but our lives can be over in a second. Don’t live with fear, but live with gratitude and intention. Wake up and be grateful that you live. Don’t just exist and “survive” day by day. Do what makes you happy and not only what you think is best. Follow your dreams and work hard for your goals 💫

We are all one. We are all in this together. Isn’t it crazy that the whole world is affected by the same crisis? The corona virus is challenging us on solidarity. Now more than ever, it is truly important to cooperate with each other. To respect, support and help each other. Never have I seen so much solidarity than now. People helping each other out and support each other and for once not everyone acts out of self-interest, as our egoistic self usually tends to do. So fascinating, once we realize, what we are capable of! 🤝💕

It is so important now, to stay home & to stay safe. But also to stay positive in these difficult times! Don’t be upset, see this time as an opportunity to do things, you never had the time for, to work on yourself, to be with your family, to be there for other human beings and also for nature to heal. Always stay positive, we will get through this 🙏❤️

Sending you lots of love,

If you hate your body, this is for you

“I hate my body”, “I hate my legs”, “I’m not skinny enough”, “I don’t have muscles”,”I don’t have boobs”, “I’m fat” and. so. on.
Have you ever thought something similar in your life or are you actually continously thinking about it? Its a shame, but nowadays in our society, the majority does not feel comfortable in their body. To admit something, I am not an exception.

Those thoughts I was quoting, I know them myself too good and I am struggling to find the love to my body as well, but I am on the way. I am working on it to change my way of thinking and I know that sooo many (too many) of us are having a hard time to accept and love their bodies. As this is a learning process and I am taking part in it as well I am trying to give you some motivation and positive vibes today!! 🙂

First of all you need to accept that nobody is perfect. Or moreover everyone is perfect in his/her own way! Everybody is different and unique and that is what makes us beautiful!
How boring would it be if we would all look the same ?

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My travel story – all different than planned

Hey, its been a while since  I have posted here. I just got lazy or the opposite and didn’t have the time anymore to write all the happenings down and preferred to live the moment. Still I think it is nice to have the memory not just in my head, but to write it down and share with my friends and family, so you can understand what I have been up to in the past 14 months 🙊
Over one year ago I finally made my dream come true. After I worked for 6 months almost every day, I finally bought myself a plane ticket, packed my backpack and sit down in an airplane on the way to Australia🇦🇺
Many people asked me why Australia? What made you come here? I don’t really know why, I just knew for many years that one day I want to be there. I also thought it is the perfect country for my first backpacking trip, as the people speak English, the country is safe and I can also work there at the same time. So after I finished my Bachelor Degrees I finally had the courage to go.
When I arrived I was super excited, more happy than nervous. But… exactly on that day there was a storm above Düsseldorf so my flight was delayed, which meant that I wouldn’t catch my second flight in Dubai. I had now 2 options: to go on the exact same flight just one day later, or to fly to Dubai and stay there for one day and catch the next flight to Adelaide one day later. Of course I went with the second one. When would I ever have the chance to go to Dubai again and get paid a hotel, food and airport transfer?
On top of that I was there already, excited, how lame would it be to go back home for a day after I already said goodbye to everyone…

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Travel Diary #5 – Stuck on an Island

On the 22nd of May we were so excited to start our 3-day trip to Fraser Island. We are a Group of 4 – two germans and two norwegians and we started our roadtrip along the eastcoast in Sydney 4 weeks ago. We were traveling with 4 but decided to only take one car, because Martin, my travelmate has a 4 wheel drive and the two Norwegian girls can’t drive on the island with their van. So we arrived at Rainbow Beach in the morning and started to pack from one car to the other, we only took as many things we needed for 3 days with us. Even though we left quite a lot in the van, Martins car was completely full. Anyway after 2 hours of packing we finally started to drive to the ferry in Rainbow Beach. We were lucky, because the ferry was coming right away. 10 minutes later we arrived on Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world. The first minutes driving on the beach were already so much fun, the sun was shining, we had nice music and just felt free 🙂

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Travel Diary #4 – Canberra the Bush Capital

When my Hungarian friend, Melinda offered me to come to Canberra and live with her while I’m there and even work in the same Café as her, I just answered “I actually didn’t plan to go to Canberra, but I’ll think about it”.

I didn’t plan it because I only heard, that Canberra is boring and there is nothing to do there, from other backpackers. Well they probably referred to the nightlife, which is possible but I actually can’t say anything about it. When I spend another week in Melbourne I found it really hard to find a job, and I was sick of the CBD, so that I just wanted to get out of there…

I decided to not listen to other people and make up my own mind about the city. I mean if you are in another country you should also visit the capital right? But what if it’s really boring as everyone said or what if it doesn’t work out living with my friend or with the job?? There was only one way to find out, so I looked for the cheapest way to go there and soon I found a lift on gumtree ☺️ there was no photo, no age or gender of the person who offered to share the ride from Melbourne to Canberra, which was a little creepy, but I am naive, adventourous and believe in the good in people. So I took the seat, because it was half the price than taking the bus and that was my fastest way out of Melbourne.

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Travel Diary #3 – Beautiful Tasmania

I’m so happy, that I’ve decided to do that trip to Tasmania. A trip that I will never forget.

I booked a tour with “Under Down Under” which was a 7 day tour, started and ended in Hobart, in the capital. Before the tour started I had a whole day in Hobart, but I didnt know anyone there, so that I just posted something in a Facebook group and that is how I met Martin, who showed me around in Hobart and taught me some of his professional photography skills ☺️📷 First I was a little scared to just meet with a random guy, but if you want to travel like a real backpacker you should be free, adventourous and open to meet new people 😃 The day passed by really fast and I went to bed quite early as I haven’t slept much the day before, because I slept at the airport in Melbourne, because my flight was super early. Anyway I had to wake up early again the next morning, because the tour guide picked us up at 7 am at the hostel. And that was the beginning of a wonderful trip…

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Travel diary #2 – Melbourne the city that never sleeps

… So we arrived in Melbourne! 😊

I have to be honest, this city made it really hard for me to feel comfortable in the beginning. After spending 4 days mainly in the car, on quite roads surrounded with absolutely nothing but beautiful nature and animal sounds, it was weird being back in civilization. Not only that, because Melbourne is not just a random, usual city as every other – no its the capital of the state Victoria, its a huge city with 4,7 million inhabitants. It is big, loud and busy. I was overwhelmed and lost. I took the tram in the wrong direction all the time and even after 2 weeks I needed google maps to find anywhere.

Unfortunately it wasn’t different in the hostel either. I thought it will be easy to find friends, just as I did in Adelaide, but that was not the case. It seemed like everybody in the hostel already knew each other, there were several groups. Mainly German and French people. I was confused, why everyone already had a bestie or a whole clique. And after spending 4 days 24/7, meaning non stop with the girls in the car during our road trip, I felt alone for the first time.

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Travel diary #1 – Adelaide & Roadtrip

I can’t believe it has been 2 months in Australia!!

Before I came here I knew time will fly by fast, but I could never imagine HOW fast 😱

It’s crazy and everytime a week passes by, I’m scared that I miss out on something or that I don’t have enough time anymore to see all I want.

Honestly I really regret buying a return ticket to Germany because I feel restricted in a way, as I am not as free as I would like to be, like not planning where to go next and how long I want to stay and when I feel like going back home. I just know that at the moment 6 months feels ridiculously short for Australia that’s why I thought about extending my stay, but nothing is set yet. My mother forbid to think about the return until at least 4 months have passed by, because I am unnecesseraily worrying about something which is in the future, and obviously do not live fully in the moment. So let’s not.

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STOP bodyshaming!

Hey guys, I’m back with a new blogpost. I stopped blogging, because I didn’t create any new recipes anymore and as I had some changes in my instagram, meaning not posting only food pictures anymore, I thought this blog is useless.

But no, it’s not! I changed the title and as on my insta I want this blog to be a place where I can freely post about my thoughts, my travels and maybe even about food, so more like a lifestyle blog with different topics ☺️

The main reason I am writing this post is because I read something which really upset me. I got comments on a photo that I gained weight while I’m here in AUS. I thought about it so much, that I just wanted to write them down.

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Vegan in Budapest

Are you a vegan and planning a trip to Budapest for a couple of days or maybe even for a longer period of time? Or you are not vegan but live in Budapest and want to try out new restaurants?

Then this is the perfect post for you 😘

I just moved away from Budapest after 4 years now and I discovered the city as a vegan for more than a year. I haven’t been to another city yet where it has been that easy to eat vegan outdoors. Seriously I was overwhelmed by the incredible offer and huge variety of restaurants and shops. The best part was that it never got boring because all those vegan shops and restaurants opened continuously, so I could discover new places all the time ☺️💗
Before I fall into nostalgia and lose myself in the amazing memories, I want to share with you my favorite vegan food places in Budapest or the restaurants, where you easily can eat vegan 😋

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